A Small Cavity Might Be Treated with a Dental Filling

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A buildup of plaque acids, in combination with the acids in your food can gradually start to weaken the mineral density of tooth enamel. In time this could cause a cavity to develop on the tooth. As the tooth decay starts to progress, you might notice heightened sensitivity in the compromised tooth. Sometimes decay can also cause a gradual change of color or texture in the tooth enamel.

If you’ve noticed a problem with one of your teeth, you should have it examined as soon as possible by our dentist, Dr. Ron Ranson. With early detection, he might be able to effectively treat the tooth with an amalgam or composite dental filling.

The tooth’s location in your mouth may factor in the type of dental filling material that he recommends. Dental fillings made from metal amalgam tend to be somewhat dark in color which makes them a poor choice to repair a cavity that can be easily seen by other people. Composite dental fillings are made from a special type dental grade resin that can be shaded to match the appearance of your natural tooth enamel. This type of filling material is a good choice for an area that will appear when you smile.

If you live in the Morton, Illinois, area and you have a problem with one of your teeth, you should call 309-866-3026 to have it examined and treated by the oral care specialists at Ranson Family Dental.