Are You Unsure How to Use a Water Flosser?

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Water flossers are extremely useful tools that clean between your teeth and help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. They are especially handy because they don’t involve the usual struggles of flossing, such as slippery floss, slimy fingers, and too much pressure on the gums. However, some patients find them intimidating because of their high-tech qualities. To help you keep your smile clean, our dentist is happy to explain how to use a water flosser.

To begin, fill the flosser’s tank with water from your sink (lukewarm water is ideal, especially for sensitive teeth and gums). Replace the tank back on the base and put the lid on top, then select the flosser tip you want and attach it to the handle. Finally, select your ideal pressure level–and you are ready to clean your mouth.

Wrap your lips around the wand to keep water from spraying before you turn the flosser on. The tool will begin streaming water, and we recommend you begin cleaning the back teeth first. Hold the flosser at a 90-degree angle just above your gums and, using this technique, clean between every single tooth in your smile. When finished, turn off the flosser off and remove the tip from the wand. You can do so by pressing the eject button.

Using a water flosser is much easier than many patients think, but you are more than welcome to contact our team at 309-866-3026 if you have any questions. Call 309-866-3026 to schedule an appointment with our dentist.