Common Questions Concerning Dry Mouth

Treating dry mouth includes being aware of what it is. Dry mouth is an oral health condition that on its own isn't particularly dangerous to your mouth, but it can lead to several health risks. This is because dry mouth causes a downturn in the saliva. This can give rise... Read more »

On the Subject of Sensitive Teeth

You're minding your own business, happily licking a french vanilla ice cream cone like a dog with a bone. Then ... Ouch! Your left lower bicuspid sends you sharp pain. This may be the first warning sign of a cavity, or it may be that your teeth have become sensitive.... Read more »

Toothache Relief Tips

If you ever had a toothache, then you know how uncomfortable they can be. Toothaches can strike at any time, and without proper relief, you could be in line for a dental disaster. Drs. Ranson and Ranson with Ranson & Ranson DDS PC Family Dental in Morton, Illinois, understand the... Read more »

A Small Cavity Might Be Treated with a Dental Filling

A buildup of plaque acids, in combination with the acids in your food can gradually start to weaken the mineral density of tooth enamel. In time this could cause a cavity to develop on the tooth. As the tooth decay starts to progress, you might notice heightened sensitivity in the... Read more »

Care for Your Smile by Preventing Dental Dangers

  Please look for new ways to implement tooth hazard planning into your life. This includes assessing your needs and avoiding unhealthy habits not only with your diet but also with your lifestyle. The more you do to protect your teeth and gums, the greater chance your smile has to... Read more »

Dentistry Essentials 101: Aging and Dental Health

You're aging dental health is always a priority as your teeth begin to weaken and age over time. Although your teeth are strong, they can become brittle with age and potentially crack and chip much more easily. Thus, more effective oral health care treatments and procedures and oral hygiene routines... Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

If you’re curious to know the benefits of dental crowns in Morton, Illinois, then our dentists, Dr. Ranson and Ranson, are more than happy to help you. Dental crowns are strong tooth-shaped caps that can restore the health and function of your chomper. There are many other benefits to dental... Read more »

The Benefits of Dental Bridge Restorations

Are you about to restore your oral health with a dental bridge? If so, you’re on your way toward a top-notch smile once again! There are many reasons why your dentist, Drs. Ranson and Ranson, recommends replacing your tooth with a dental bridge, and our dental team is happy to... Read more »

Are You Unsure How to Use a Water Flosser?

Water flossers are extremely useful tools that clean between your teeth and help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. They are especially handy because they don’t involve the usual struggles of flossing, such as slippery floss, slimy fingers, and too much pressure on the gums. However, some patients find them... Read more »

How Your Dentist Can Help You Enjoy a Lifelong Smile

If you worry about the likelihood of tooth loss as you age, we have some good news for you. Tooth loss is not inevitable and can be prevented with the help of your experienced dentist. As you age, your smile becomes more susceptible to dental concerns, and we encourage you... Read more »