How Your Dentist Can Help You Enjoy a Lifelong Smile

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If you worry about the likelihood of tooth loss as you age, we have some good news for you. Tooth loss is not inevitable and can be prevented with the help of your experienced dentist. As you age, your smile becomes more susceptible to dental concerns, and we encourage you to work with Dr. Ron Ranson to strengthen and protect your smile.

Don’t skip routine dental visits.

By the time you see or feel a dental problem, the damage may be advanced enough that a dental restoration or tooth replacement option is needed, which is why it’s important to visit the dentist regularly for dental exams.

Notify the dentist of any medications you take.

Some medications can cause negative side effects or counteract the dental care you receive. Dr. Ron Ranson and our team strive to work with your medication or discuss the possibility of changing your prescription if needed.

Be forthcoming about your treatment preferences and fears.

The most effective dental treatment plan is the one that accommodates your personal needs, concerns, and fears. Your treatment plan should be well-matched to your schedule and your needs for optimal results–and this is the plan we want to provide.

Ask for customized oral care techniques.

While general oral care guidelines work for everyone, our dentist can provide you with personalized dental hygiene tips that are unique to your smile, such as what type of toothbrush or mouthwash would be best and what areas of your smile may need more focus.

Dr. Ron Ranson and our team are committed to providing you with a reliable dental resource that allows you to enjoy a strong, healthy smile and preserve your teeth for life. Please feel free to give us a call at 309-866-3026 today to learn more about how our dentist can help you enjoy a lifelong smile in Morton, Illinois.