Are you about to restore your oral health with a dental bridge? If so, you’re on your way toward a top-notch smile once again! There are many reasons why your dentist, Drs. Ranson and Ranson, recommends replacing your tooth with a dental bridge, and our dental team is happy to tell you all about them. There are many benefits offered by dental bridges, and those benefits are:

-Dental bridges can help you eat, talk, and smile once again. As you probably already know, having a missing tooth can make simple tasks like these a bit difficult and even frustrating. With the help of a dental bridge, your missing tooth will be replaced and you can perform these tasks naturally once again.

-Dental bridges can enhance your smile’s appearance. This, in turn, can boost your self-confidence! Because you fill the hole in your mouth and finally love your smile, you can feel confident and comfortable smiling for pictures, socializing with family members and friends, and meeting new people.

-Dental bridges can give you natural-looking results because they are made for your specific smile. Your dentist will measure your teeth and mouth and will send that information to a dental lab. There, technicians will use that information to craft a restoration that will fit perfectly in the gap of your smile.

To learn more about dental bridges in Morton, Illinois, please contact our dental team at Ranson & Ranson DDS PC Family Dental. All you need to do is dial 309-866-3026 and we will be thrilled to help you. We look forward to hearing from you and giving you the information you’re looking for!

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